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Present gold Rate – Rs 75,000/- per 10gm Silver Rs – 84,000/-

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We procure Gold, Silver, Diamond ornaments of any condition be it old or broken

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Gold And Diamond Buyer

Our organization, Gold Buyer Noida is placed right at the top in the listed of Used Gold Jewellery Buyers in Delhi. We purchase Gold, Silver, Diamond, Platinum and Gemstones from the customers and give the best price.

Authentic & Trusted Gold Silver And Diamond Jewelry Buyers In Delhi NCR
(Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad)

The search of Trusted Gold Buyers has now become a very common and high volume search and at the search engine result page the numbers of results are increasing on daily basis and it is becoming a tough job for the person to find a trusted jewelry buyer. As it is very common thing to know that the market of second-hand gold jewelry is unstable and unpredictable still, we are leading the jewelry buyers in this market and at the same time you must understand the value of precious yellow metal and the white metal because they have a very common rule that if you are purchasing them they will take your money in a high volume and at the same time if you want to make money from the costlier metals then it will take your efforts. This is a fact and cannot be denied that you if are unable to find a reliable scrap buyer so that you can have the amount that you are thinking to receive in exchange for your precious articles. The qualities of this metal had made it a costlier articles maker substance and now we all take it in a big amount sometimes as ornaments and sometimes as assets.

In the modern days the demand of the ornaments had been increasing continuously and thus the selling of these ornaments are also taking place in the same ratio and the internet has made it so much easy and fast that people now don’t have to think for going to shop and doing all this they just make a search for the jewelers if they have to purchase the articles and at the same time if they have sold gold online then they make the change in the search and find the best gold buyers near me.

The most important part is the way you are taking to sell your jewelry at high cost because if you need this then you have to know your area like if you are living in a city like Noida then you have to search for gold buyers in Noida and at the same time you have to sell your Diamond then you have to search for best Diamond buyers Delhi.

We are the best second and gold and silver buyer and we can give you the best exchange offers that you need and this will be given to after observing the current gold rate in Delhi at the same time if you are thinking to sell your silver then we will go through the procedures but still, we will keep in mind the current silver rate in Delhi so that the customer can have the maximum possible profits. Like this, you can also think to trade your precious gemstones, platinum, coins of precious metals, Diamond, etc and can earn a high amount of cash against jewelry made of these metals.

The company is a standard and undefeatable by others in the same business because we have a different way of working and providing the cash for gold, silver, diamond and other precious stones. The basic difference between others in the same business and us is that we try to give the highest cost that is possible for your jewelry and we don’t have any hidden cost. With us, you will get the most profitable deals.

We Are The Reliable Gold And Silver Buyers In Delhi

The tag of best scrap gold buyers was not only with us to give us happiness it had also came to say and makes us feel that the customer coming to us should not leave our outlet without getting a better cash for gold and this happens most of the time and many times we had seen that people are unable to know the gold-selling rate in Delhi and thus didn’t get worth of their valuables. We are covering most of the areas of Delhi NCR by opening our outlets in different places and you can see this as we have our branches in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon everywhere and still, we haven’t stopped we are given some services that are helping the people who are searching gold buyer Gurgaon, Noida or anywhere and are not able to reach their, we are giving them free pickup and drop service.

The gold and silver buyer mainly work in the field of old ornaments to change the thinking that these old scraps are not useful, we are changing this thinking by purchasing old and broken articles at the highest possible cost due to this, people also call us the best second-hand jewelry buyers. We try to provide the returns as soon as possible and this is undefeatable by any other gold dealers and you must know that we provide the returns after testing your metal with best and reliable techniques, like we use harmless techniques to test the purity, the method we use is reliable as well as the latest so it can find the percentage of purity and the mass of your ornaments accurately and it makes the deal easy and transparent. We have multiple ways to provide the returns and so it is easy for us to give you the money immediately.

The selling of the articles at an ultimate cost has not had been going to be a tough work if you are at our outlet. It will be easy, simple and fast with our experts and we want to inform you that we not only purchasing the precious yellow metal we also give cash for silver, diamond, platinum, and other zodiac stones and you must know that we give the cost with the same rule if you are at our outlet to trade your white metal then we will check the weight, percentage of purity and the current silver selling rate and then we will provide you the denominations.

The Searches That People Use To Do On The Internet

You have been using internet but do you think about the searches that most of the people do when they have to trade their valuables, you will see they are typing where can I sell gold for cash and they reach on the search engine result page with so many results in this they mostly click the first link that is showing and then they move further on the website, reviews and testimonials then if they find it satisfactory then they make the deal else they come back and click the other links. In these searches you can see some people are searching how can I sell gold without bill and again so many results are there and the same procedure is followed again but we want to give you the solution we are the best gold buyers and want to tell to that you can sell your jewelry without bill and it can happen in a very easy and simple way and that is, you will have to come at our outlet or choose that same option online, then you have to provide your identity proof, address proof and two passport size photos to our experts for verification and if you are trying to sell gold online then you need to upload these documents and as it will be verified you can complete your deal.

We are ready to take your valuables and give you a large number of denominations and also make you happy with the free services that we give you, now you are being curious about the duties that we will give you and will not take any cost for this so don’t be panic we will not take the charges for the evaluation of your articles that is the testing of your item will be done and no money will be taken from you for it the other you have also read above that we will pick up and drop your articles and will not take any amount for it.

Now you are having knowledge about the services that we provide so you can understand easily that if you are not able to come to our outlet then also you can trade your valuables even you can do this small business from home and you know that you can also Sell Gold Online as they uphold and drop down is absolutely free. The best part while doing the small business with us is that in any case if you don’t like the offer that is given by our experts then you can negotiate with them and if still, you don’t like to complete the deal with us you can take back your articles without paying any money for the procedure and the services.

You Can Also Find Us In Your Locality

At the time you are in a positive mood of selling jewelry to us then you can come to any of our offices near your home or location. We are at Laxmi Nagar, Yusuf Sarai, Sikenderpur Gurgaon, Green Park, Noida Sector-18, the branch near to Noida sector 18 metro station is our head office and it is just some steps away from the metro station.


Here at Gold and Diamond Buyer we offer diverse services and are the leading buyer of second hand jewellery, gold for cash, purchasing old silver jewellery, buying diamonds, purchasing gemstones and platinum.

Gold Jewelry Buyer Near Me

Cash Against Gold

Customers visit us for cash for gold & Silverkings services as we buy all types of ornaments like Bangles, Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, Pendant, Coins, Bars and Anklets etc. The evaluation of gold is done under the supervision of our specialists and payment is made hand to hand.

Silver Buyer Near Me

Cash for Silver

In recent years, Cash for silver has become visible as one of our superb services. We purchase all kinds of silver items like Utensils, Coin, Chain, Bracelet and Bars etc at the prevailing market rate. The complete deals are done in the secure close office and also do immediate payment.

Old Diamond Buyer Near Me

Cash for Diamond

We also deal in Cash for Diamond which is one of our popular services. Our accomplished workers verify diamond on variables like Colour, Shine, Carat weight, Clarity and Cut, after which the final buying price is given to the customer. Furthermore, we do transparent diamond buying deal and keep your data private.


Guaranteed highest payment for Gold, Silver, Diamond, Zodiac Stones & Platinum.


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